Our farming division operates through our affiliates and associate companies in various countries. Currently, Malaxmi and its affiliates manage over 1800 acres of farming land in India and Uganda. We grow a range of crops starting from seasonal row crops like corn and cotton to perennial fodders like Lucerne to long gestation forestry plantations of Pine. Malaxmi produces over 30 different kinds of agricultural products on its various farms. We believe that in order to be an effective farming organization, hands on experience is needed by the professionals who are managing the farms. Successful farmers are expert agronomists, meteorologists, engineers, economists and financial hedgers packed as one unit! Knowledge from each of these disciplines is necessary to maximize farm returns and operate a farm successfully. Our team members have been actively farming for over three decades with hands on experience in Asia and Africa and bring the knowledge and skills needed for successful farming. No wonder we have been managing successfully Uganda’s largest Pineapple farm spread over 400 acres.