Seeds Research and Marketing


Malaxmi is a major shareholder in Tierra Seed Science Pvt. Ltd. Established in Jan 2012, Tierra is an agricultural technology company focused on developing seeds stacked with economically important traits that provide significant yield and cost advantage to farmers. It is India’s first exclusive seeds research and technology licensing company.

Tierra is a B2B company, it licenses its products and traits to independent seed companies who in turn market them to the farmers. Tierra has developed several disruptive products and traits in its focus crops of Cotton, Rice, Tomato and Corn.

Tierra’s insect tolerance traits in Rice, disease tolerance traits in Tomato and high yield production system in cotton are set to change the existing production dynamics in the next 3 to 5 years in India and Asia.

Malaxmi Agri Ventures has entered into seed distribution and marketing in Jan 2015. Several new products in cotton, corn, rice, tomato, and other vegetables are being demonstrated to farmers across the country. Appointment of seed distributers and dealers and marketing activities under the brand name “MALAXMI” have been initiated.