Supply Chain Management and Marketing

Supply Chain Management and Marketing of Agri Products at Malaxmi are anchored in Farmpicks (India) Private Limited. Farmpicks serves over 40 customers including international food chains, modern format retailers, five star hotels, gourmet restaurants etc with supply of several English vegetables such as coloured peppers, coloured cabbages, broccoli, and lettuces etc. Farmpicks sources its produce under contract farming arrangement by providing technical knowhow and assured buyback guarantees with hundreds of farmers in Ooty, Nasik, Hyderabad, Mysore and Pune regions in India.

Considering the seasonality of agricultural produce, which in turn affects quality and price variability, agro processing industries strive for procuring the right raw material. We call them the PQRST Factors of Procurement. Right Price – Quality – Quantity – Source – Relationship – Time. We enable our customers to source the right quality and quantity at the right price and time continuously. 

We offer procurement solutions by facilitating backward integration of processors with farmers for secure and reliable raw material supply. We leverage on our in-depth knowledge of various commodities and the extensive backward linkages we have established with farmers to provide a highly cost-effective procurement system.