Malaxmi Agri and Rural Research Centre (MARRC)

The Corporate Social Responsibility activities in Agriculture and Rural Development sectors are implemented through MARRC. At the 180 acre campus in Chintalapdu village near Vijayawada, MARRC trains farmers and demonstrates new farming and rural technologies. It has successfully demonstrated over 40 new technologies to farmers in the past three years.


On the basis of our experience on demonstration of new tools and technologies to farming community, MARRC is setting up a display, training and innovation centre to demonstrate the mechanization tools and technologies available in India at one location. The primary objective of the Centre will be to identify, collect, catalogue, evaluate, demonstrate and certify farm mechanization tools and technologies. Apart from making existing information on technologies and tools available to  various stakeholders, MAARC will strive to provide a platform to innovate and develop new tools and technologies by creative, self-triggered, self-inspired people. We are working closely with several organisations and institutes who are active in farm mechanization domain.