Dr. Surinder K TikkooDr. Surinder K Tikkoo

Dr. Dr. Surinder K Tikkoo is the Director of Research which includes breeding, hybrid creation and DNA marker technology. He is one of the founders of Tierra Seed Science Private Limited and executes his directorial operations from Pune. His illustrious experience includes being the International Technology Development Lead, a Global Management Committee member and the Global Research Head for field crops and vegetable crops at Advanta. Prior to that, he was with international organizations in lead positions like the Vice President and Head, Vegetable Research, Asia Pacific – Syngenta India Ltd., Technology Manager & Global Lead, Bush Tomato Breeding – Pioneer Overseas Corporation, and as Chief of the Solanaceous Lab & Principal Tomato Breeder at The Indian Institute of Horticultural Research (IIHR). Dr. Suren has successfully commercialized several vegetable hybrids in Asia and Africa. He holds a PhD and is a Post Graduate in Science in Botany from Bangalore University.